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Each year, we can get some closure by looking over the Revolution Awards. We have created some categories for the public to help us ruminate. As we count down to 2019, it is time to honor the creators of these amazing timepieces.

At 45,000 feet high above the Mojave Desert in 1947, Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier and achieved Mach 1.05. The world would never again be the same.

Similar to what Stanley Kubrick saw 18 years ago in the first year the new millennium was starting, another barrier was being broken. This was the beginning of a new vision for high watchmaking that would change the face of watchmaking forever. The Roger Dubuis Replica Watches watch would be the most significant and influential genre-changing event of the new replica watches The world would never be the exact same again.

His father, a visionary of the 50-year-old age, would be a legend in watchmaking, creating a new philosophy for luxury watchmaking that the world had never seen before.

He would push the performance limits of complex watchmaking to achieve never before seen levels of weight reduction, ergonomics, shock resistance, and shock resistance. He would quickly abandon gold and platinum in favor of aluminum lithium, AluSic, an alloy made from silicon and aluminum spun at a centrifuge -- carbon fiber, carbon reinforced polymer, and sapphire.

He would suspend the watch movement from F1 shock absorbers,Franck Muller Replica Watches and then isolate it from its case using systems that included carbon arms skeletonised and a series of tiny cables inspired by suspension bridges. He would redefine watchmaking in every dimension, from its aesthetics to its technical performance to its pricing structure to how it is represented in contemporary culture.

He would create a new watch design, an aerodynamic tonneau which exposed all the internal mechanics. He would place his watches on elite athletes like Rafael Nadal and Felipe Massa from F1 who would wear them during competition. Massa even survived a devastating crash while wearing the watch.